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College-Level Education (Transfer)

Students interested in pursuing fields that require 4-year degrees complete the first two years of courses through enrollment in Tacoma Community College’s comprehensive college parallel programs.

TCC provides freshman- and sophomore-level courses leading to bachelor’s degrees at four-year colleges and universities. For specific major department requirements, students are advised to contact the four-year institutions to which they intend to transfer.

Washington four-year colleges have an increasing expectation that students will choose and prepare for their major field of study before transfer. Public colleges, such as the University of Washington-Seattle, that accept transfer students on a competitive-entry basis, consider “major readiness” to be an important acceptance criteria for transfer students. Transfer students should select majors and begin taking specific courses to prepare for their majors. Consult TCC advisors for more information on major readiness.

While TCC’s dedicated counseling and advising staff assists students in selecting courses, the final responsibility for meeting graduation requirements rests with individual students.

College Transfer Areas

Students can prepare at TCC for the following university transfer areas, and others, while completing requirements for the two-year associate degree:

n Accounting n American Ethnic & Gender Studies n Anthropology n Architecture n Art n Biochemistry n Biology n Botany n Business n Chemistry n Chiropractic n Communications n Computer Science n Dental Hygiene n Dentistry n Earth Science n Economics n Education n Engineering n English n Environmental Science n Evergreen Bridge Program n Exercise Science n Forestry n Geology n History n Humanities n International Business n Japanese n Law n Liberal Arts n Mathematics n Medical Technology n Medicine n Microbiology n Molecular Biology n Music n Naturopathic Medicine n Nursing/BSN n Nutrition n Occupational Therapy n Oceanography n Optometry n Pacific Rim Studies n Pharmacy n Physical Education n Physical Therapy n Physics n Political Science n Pre-Nursing n Psychology n Social Science n Social Work n Sociology n Spanish n Speech n Veterinary Medicine n Wildlife Biology n World Languages n Zoology

“Washington 45”

The “Washington 45” is a list of courses that are accepted at all public colleges and universities in the State of Washington.

List of One Year Transfer Courses

Adopted: May 2012
Implemented: Fall 2012

A student who completes courses selected from within the general education categories listed below at a public community, technical, four-year college or university in Washington State will be able to transfer and apply 45 quarter credits toward general education requirement(s) at any other public and most private higher education institutions in the state.

For transfer purposes, a student must have a minimum grade of ‘C’ or better (2.0 or above) in each course completed from this list.

Students who transfer Washington 45 courses must still meet a receiving institution’s admission requirements and eventually satisfy all their general education requirements and their degree requirements in major, minor and professional programs.

The list of courses in Washington 45 does not replace the Direct Transfer Agreement, Associate of Science Tracks I and II or any Major Related Program agreement, nor will it guarantee admission to a four-year institution.

First Year Transfer List of general education courses

  • Communications (5 credits) –ENGL& 101, ENGL& 102
  • Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning (5 credits) –MATH& 107, MATH& 148 or MATH& 151
  • Humanities (10 credits in two different subject areas or disciplines)—PHIL& 101, MUSC& 105, DRAM& 101, ENGL& 111, or HUM& 101
  • For colleges that use History as a Humanities HIST& 116, HIST& 117, HIST& 118, HIST& 146, HIST& 147, HIST& 148)
  • Social Science (10 credits in two different subject areas or disciplines) –PSYC& 100, SOC& 101, POLS& 101, POLS& 202
  • For colleges that use History as a Social Science: HIST& 116, HIST& 117, HIST& 118, HIST& 146, HIST& 147, HIST& 148
  • Natural Sciences (10 credits in two different subject areas or disciplines) - BIOL& 100, BIOL& 160 with lab, ASTR& 101 with lab, CHEM& 110 with lab, CHEM& 121 with lab, CHEM& 161, CHEM& 162, ENVS& 101, PHYS& 121, GEOL& 101 with lab.
  • Additional 5 credits in a different discipline can be taken from any category listed above.

NOTE: Although these courses are listed under categories, the actual course may satisfy a different general education category at a receiving institution.

1 Many private non-profit colleges and universities have distinct general education requirements. Students should check with institution(s) they plan to attend regarding application of transfer credits that will meet general education requirements.

2 Disciplines are sometimes called subject or subject matter areas and designated by a prefix (i.e. PHIL for Philosophy and POLS for Political Science).