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Code of Student Conduct

Admission to Tacoma Community College carries with it the presumption that the student will conduct himself/herself as a responsible member of the college community.

The Code of Student Conduct identifies the responsibilities of students according to state law and college policy. The provisions of the code apply to all students whenever they are on the college campus or engaged in college-sponsored activities or functions.

Students who commit any of the following offenses are subject to disciplinary action:

  • Personal offenses (such as assault, disorderly, drunken or abusive conduct, false complaint or alarm, illegal assembly, trespass, sexual harassment, and possession of or use of firearms)
  • Property offenses (such as theft, intentional or grossly negligent damage or destruction of college property, and unauthorized use of college equipment)
  • Status offenses (such as cheating, plagiarizing, or tendering; forgery or alteration; use, possession, selling, or being under the influence of narcotics; being under the influence of alcoholic beverages except wherein official approval has been given; use, possession or distribution of alcoholic beverages on campus; failure to comply with directions of an authorized college official; smoking in “no smoking” areas; and unauthorized occupancy of a college facility)

Requests by students or college employees to initiate disciplinary proceedings should be submitted in writing to the Student Conduct Administrator or designee within 10 instructional days of the date the petitioner became aware or could have become aware of the alleged violation of the code.

A student is subject to disciplinary warning, probation, suspension or expulsion for violating any of the above listed offenses. The Code of Student Conduct identifies the due process guaranteed to students who are charged with violating provisions of the code.

The college’s Code of Student Conduct is available in the office of the Vice President for Student Services in Bldg. 7 and on the college website.