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Associate in General Studies

TCC’s Associate in General Studies degree is designed for students who want to earn associate degrees while allowing for maximum flexibility in course selection.

This degree is not considered a transfer degree nor is it included in Washington’s Inter-College Transfer and Articulation Agreement. Four-year colleges and universities may accept some courses used to satisfy requirements of this degree as transfer credit. Courses applied to TCC’s Associate in General Studies degree are usually individually evaluated by transfer institutions. Students who plan to transfer to four-year colleges and universities are strongly advised to pursue the Associate in Arts and Sciences degree, which is a transfer degree.

Degree Completion Requirements

  • A cumulative college-level grade point average of 2.00 in course work completed at Tacoma Community College.
  • At least 30 applicable credits must be earned at Tacoma Community College.
  • Ninety (90) quarter hours in courses numbered 100 or above, including the following requirements.
  • No more than three physical education activity credits can be applied to the degree.

Courses applicable to AGS degree

Students pursuing Associate in General Studies degrees must select courses from the Approved Distribution Course List to meet Humanities, Math/Science and Social Sciences distribution requirements. Each credit can be counted in only one distribution area.

With the exception of English composition and physical education activity courses, any TCC course numbered 100 and above and not used may be used to satisfy Humanities, Math/Science or Social Sciences distribution requirements are considered to be electives and may be used to satisfy the elective requirement portion of the 90 total quarter hour degree.

Distribution Requirements

Credits may be applied to only one distribution area.
See the Approved Distribution Course List.

  1. Communications (10 credits)

ENGL& 101

English Composition I

and one of the following:

ENGL& 102

Argument and Persuasion

ENGL 103

College Composition: Writing about Literature

CMST& 101

Introduction to Communication

CMST 110

Multicultural Communication

CMST& 220

Public Speaking

  1. Humanities (10 credits)

Select five credits from each of the following:

Performing and Fine Arts (Music, Art)

Literary Arts (Literature, World Language, Humanities, Philosophy)

  1. Social Science (10 credits)

Select five credits from two of the following:

Social Sciences (Economics, Geography, Political Science)

Behavioral Science (Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology)


  1. Math/Science (10 credits)

Select five credits from two of the following:

Natural Science (Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Environmental Science, Nutrition)

Physical Science (Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Oceanography, Physics, Physical Science)

Mathematics (100 or above)

ANTH& 205

Biological Anthropology

ANTH& 245


GEOG 205

Physical Geography (lab)

  1. Physical Education (3 credits)

Select any three activity credits

  1. Electives (47 credits)


90 credits