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The following courses are designed for students who wish to explore one or more areas of art. They are beginning studio courses and have no prerequisites. Note: Five credits of studio courses may be used as distribution credit for the A.A.S. degree.

ART 101 Art Basics

ART 102 Two-Dimensional Design

ART 103 Three-Dimensional Design

ART 105 Beginning Drawing

ART 131 Beginning Ceramics

ART 140 Beginning Photography

ART 150 Beginning Printmaking

ART 156 Beginning Painting

ART 172 Beginning Sculpture

The following are lecture-oriented courses recommended for Humanities distribution requirements. They have no prerequisites.

ART& 100 Art Appreciation

ART 201 History of Western Art: Ancient

ART 202 History of Western Art: Medieval and Renaissance

ART 203 History of Western Art: Baroque through Modern

Students who are interested in an art-related vocation should initially concentrate on basic design and drawing courses (ART 102, 103, 105). These form the foundation for the advanced art courses offered at TCC. Some of the courses listed in the catalog are offered on a limited basis once a year, every other year, etc. Contact the Art Department for help in planning your program. Students who plan to transfer should check the requirements of the college or university of their choice.

In painting, drawing and sculpture courses, the human form is a subject of study. The human model, sometimes in the nude, may be incorporated into these studies. Any student enrolled in one of these courses who may object, for whatever reason, to study of the nude model may arrange for optional studies with the instructor of that course.

The college reserves the right to temporarily retain for exhibit or photographing any student work submitted for credit.