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ART 299 Special Problems in Art (1)

These courses are an extension of existing course sequences and are subject to the same fees as the individual courses within the sequence chosen. All 299 classes require permission of the instructor.

  • 299A Ceramics
  • 299B Design
  • 299C Drawing
  • 299D Figure Drawing
  • 299E Painting
  • 299F Photography
  • 299G Printmaking
  • 299H Sculpture
  • 299I Watercolor
  • 299J Digital Photography
  • 299I Graphic Design

Prerequisite: Prerequisite to registration for any 299 class is the satisfactory completion of the entire course sequence offered by the department in that particular medium. Example: 299C, Advanced Problems in Drawing, has a prerequisite of ART 105 and ART 106.