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Application for Degrees or Certificates

Students preparing for graduation must complete formal applications for degrees or certificates. Application forms are available from Enrollment Services, Bldg. 7. A completed application form, signed by the advisor or program coordinator, must be on file at Enrollment Services no later than two weeks prior to the end of the quarter in which a student plans to graduate. A $10.50 non-refundable fee is attached to the application. Students applying to graduate with the Associate in Arts and Sciences degree, Option B, must complete Option B application forms, which must be signed by advisors. See additional information under Option B Degrees.

Prior to submitting the Application for Degree, students are advised to carefully review with their faculty advisors degree requirements published in the college catalog to ensure that all requirements have been satisfied. Applications for degrees are reviewed and approved quarterly. Transfer students must have official copies of all transcripts from other colleges on file in Enrollment Services, Bldg. 7, prior to applying for degrees.