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American Ethnic and Gender Studies Certificate

TCC’s American Ethnic and Gender Studies (AEGS) certificate offers courses selected from a variety of disciplines, on topics related to gender and ethnicity in the United States. AEGS courses are intended for career training and college transfer students who want to understand complex gender, race, ethnic, and class issues, and is also available to community members interested in ethnicity and gender.

Certificate requirement:

Students who successfully complete 15 credits of coursework in American Ethnic and Gender Studies may apply to receive certificates in American Ethnic and Gender Studies, which is noted on their transcripts. Courses used to satisfy the requirements of the AEGS certificate simultaneously apply to other certificate or degree requirements satisfied by these courses, allowing students to select course sequences that support their educational and personal goals. See the class schedule for course availability. For more information, contact the AEGS coordinator: Elizabeth Fortenbery, Ph.D., efortenbery@tacomacc.edu, or call 253.566.5059.