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Academic Suspension

A student who has been placed on academic probation and fails to earn a 2.00 quarterly grade point average or higher the next quarter he or she is enrolled for six or more credits after the 10th instructional day of that quarter will be suspended for one quarter. As it applies to the period of academic suspension, summer quarter shall count as part of fall quarter.

The Vice President for Student Services will notify a student by mail by the first day of classes of the subsequent quarter that he or she has been suspended. A student who has already enrolled for classes prior to suspension status being determined will be administratively withdrawn, and tuition paid will be refunded.

Following a one-quarter suspension, a student may enroll following procedures outlined in the college’s Re-enrollment Procedures Following Academic Suspension available in the Student Services Administration office in Bldg. 7.

A student readmitted after one quarter of academic suspension re-enters the college on academic probation. If he or she fails to attain a quarterly grade point average of 2.00 or higher at the end of the first quarter in which he or she is enrolled in six or more credits after the 10th instructional day, the readmitted student is suspended for three consecutive quarters.