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Academic Forgiveness Policy

With an advisor’s written approval, a student may petition the Vice President for Student Services (or designee) to have Tacoma Community College course work set aside.

  • The student must be currently enrolled.
  • The forgiveness (set aside) date must be at least five years prior to the current quarter.
  • All course work taken prior to the forgiveness date is set aside. The student may not elect to retain individual courses and set aside other courses.
  • A student may exercise the Academic Forgiveness option only once.

Forgiven course work is not used to determine number of credits earned at TCC, calculate cumulative grade point average or calculate honors. Forgiven course work may not be reinstated or used to satisfy prerequisite or degree requirements. Course numbers, titles, and original grades of all forgiven course work remain on student transcripts. A decision to set aside course work may or may not be honored by other colleges and universities, since each institution interprets transcripts using its own policies.

Financial Aid Note: Financial Aid regulations make no provision for academic forgiveness. Therefore, all courses applicable to a student’s major will be included in evaluating a student’s satisfactory academic progress for financial aid eligibility.