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Bridge Program–Option B

Tacoma Community College’s Bridge Program is presented in partnership with The Evergreen State College–Tacoma (TESC–Tacoma). This liberal arts curriculum is intended for students interested in pursuing bachelor’s degrees at The Evergreen State College. Courses included in this degree can be transferred on a course-by-course basis to other colleges and universities. Students who fulfill the requirements of this Associate in Arts and Sciences - Option B degree are eligible to apply to the upper-division baccalaureate degree program at Evergreen’s Tacoma or Olympia campuses.

The Bridge program provides a unique learning experience. The program of studies follows TCC’s associates transfer degree, omitting physical education requirement. Bridge students who wish to earn the direct transfer degree in order to transfer to other Washington colleges and universities may choose to complete three physical education activity credits on TCC’s main Tacoma campus.

Bridge Program courses are offered in the evening at the TESC-T campus at 1210 So. Sixth Avenue. For more information, call the Bridge Program Advisor, Margaret Robinson, at 253.566.5366 or TESC-T at 253.680.3000.

Basic Requirements

15 credits

  1. Written Communication Skills (10 credits)

ENGL& 101

English Composition I

ENGL& 102

Composition II: Argument and Persuasion

  1. Quantitative Skills (5 credits)

MATH& 107

Math in Society

Distribution Requirements

75 credits

  1. Humanities (15 credits)

CMST& 101, ENGL 280 and HUM& 101

  1. Social Sciences (15 credits)

SOC& 101, ANTH& 100 and PSYC& 100

  1. Natural Sciences (15 credits)

ENVS& 101, and SCI 100

Select one additional course from the approved Natural Sciences Distribution Course List.

  1. Multicultural (5 credits)

ANTH& 206

  1. Human Development (3 credits)

HD 101

  1. Information Technology (2 credits)

CU 102

  1. Distribution Elective (7 credits)

LS 102 and HUM 120

  1. General Electives (13 credits)

TCC courses numbered 100 level and above


90 credits

DTA: Direct Transfer Agreement

MRP: Major Related Program

See Approved Distribution Course List.