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2017 Art Faculty Preview




Marit Berg

art by marit berg

Sketch of a Shard from the Agora in Athens, 2016, ink and watercolorTravel journal sketch from a recent trip to Greece.

Melinda Cox

art by melinda cox

Untitled, 2017, feltFelted wool panel/scarf inspired by reflections in a koi pond.

Anthony Culanag

art by anthony culanag

Distance, 2016 Digital ImageryThe juxtaposition of two images to create a sense of clarity and ambiguity in the same composition. A built environment study in the urban setting.

Alice Di Certo

art by alice de certo

Future plan(t), 2017, cast iron and bronze, soil and plantsI have the hope that people of different backgrounds and races, together and by educating newer generations, can help keep our natural resources safe and thriving.

Kyle Dillehay

art by Kyle Dillehay

Spikey Hair, 2017, Cyanotype PrintCyanotype contact print made from 120mm black and white film negatives.

Frank Dippolito

art by frank dippolito

still-life?, 2003-16, oil 

Karen Doten

art by karen doten

mixed mediaThe Ground is Now Cement is a series of drawings that explore the theme of landscape through an observational, remembrance, and ephemeral process.  These drawings use layering of ridgelines to show multiple spaces at once.”

Rick Mahaffey

art by rick mahaffey

Wheel thrown stoneware Jar, Wood Fired 125 hours,2014 

Rick Mahaffey & Marit Berg

art by rick mahaffey and marit berg

Printed House Vase, 2016 Slab built, printed with ceramic pigments, oxidation fired.Collaboration in disciplines combining screen printed glazes on low-fire clay. Part of Berg's TCC sabbatical project.

Reid Ozaki

art by reid ozaki

Soda Fired Tea Bowl 2016 ceramicWith so many variables are in play in the Soda firing process, the potential for failure is high. When everything comes together, Soda firing can produce beautiful and unique results.
Jenny Roholt  
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