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Thursday, July 23 

Hi All,

Instead of using the WAMAP forum, I will be making the daily updates on this blog.

Today we did a couple of problems from Part II of the WAMAP HW for Chapter 21. We then did several examples from Chapter 22.

Exam 5 - Chapter 21 is posted in the Chapter 21 folder in WAMAP. This exam will show all questions at once. You can submit your answers one time only.  After the due date and time you can review your exam.  Please email any questions you have.  Failure to take exam by the due date and time will result in a zero. 

Over the weekend, Chapter 22 WAMAP and paper HW will be posted.

One should finish the WAMAP HW for Chapter 21 prior to taking the exam as the HW is designed to help with the exam. Post any possible WAMAP HW question in the WAMAP forum.

Posted by jgray On 07/23/2009 at 1:17 PM  

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