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Peninsula Pirates Steal Tacoma's Booty story by the TCC Challenge

Peninsula Pirates Steal Tacoma's Booty story by the TCC Challenge imagePosted: 10/25/2010 8:51:00 AM

First place Peninsula came to face our Titans on Saturday. Pregame shouts had our team jazzed up for some action.

You could tell the Titan men were not intimidated by the visiting Pirates one iota. The last time these teams met was at a road game for our boys ending with Peninsula defeating Tacoma 5-2. But, that was their house right?

Well, we are the Titans and this is our house. The Titan men started the game with much excitement and energy. The Pirates quickly realized they had a fight on their hands when we instantly pushed the ball down to their end of the field. The visitors were struggling to match our energy. The entire first half was a test of wills, and both sides had their shots but great goalkeeping kept the score at zeros.

At the start of the second half, Titans midfielder Sean Foss had a great shot from the top of the goalie box, but the Pirates goalkeeper managed to intercept it. Peninsula fired back on our end with two looks at our goal. The first was deflected back to them then the second would sail just over the net's crossbar. A bit later, Peninsula had another great look at our goal and was wide open for the shot. The ball headed straight for the net and looked to go in. However, freshman defender Gaelan Hartliep, came flying towards it, sliding out of nowhere to knock the ball out just before it found the left corner of the net. He jumped up animated and fired up about the defensive effort. Speaking of defense, Mario Cervantes was a defensive animal, winning many of the challenges for the ball in the heart of the field and proving his invaluable worth on the day.

Following a foul call against the Titans, the visitors were able to find the net at the 70th minute, putting the Pirates up 1-0. It didn't take long for our men to answer back. A tripping call gave us a penalty kick. Sean Foss kicked into play and the visitors deflected it. The ball found its way back to Foss, who had a booming shot from the left corner of the goalie box. The shot went through the top right corner of the net to tie the score at the 80th minute. The crowd went crazy as Foss ran around and right for the Titans bench to celebrate with the boys.

Unfortunately, the Pirates managed to sneak in another goal. That kick would be contested when Foss came sliding in to knock it away, but it must have broken the plane because the referee counted it. In the final seven minutes, Tacoma never quit once. They played their guts out trying to get another one to find the net, but the clock would expire before they could. The Pirates came in here and stole a much needed win from us.

Next up for the boys will be their last home game of the regular season. They will be facing off against the Bellevue Bulldogs on Wednesday, October 30th at 4pm. Let us show these men the respect they deserve and get out there and make some noise. GO TITANS!

Photo: Tacoma's Muhammad Jmaileh having his wide open look taken away by the Pirates' goalie. Photo by W. J. Miller

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