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Clash of the Titans - Story by the TCC Challenge

Clash of the Titans - Story by the TCC Challenge imagePosted: 10/4/2010 8:21:00 AM

Titan Soccer vs. Clark Penguins

If you found yourself at home on Saturday with nothing to do, boy did you ever miss an epic battle. Tacoma, coming off a tough road loss to an undefeated Peninsula, found themselves back in the comfort of their home field against a menacing foe.

The Clark College Penguins came to play. However, there were numerous accounts when sportsmanship seemed quite questionable. It appeared as though the referee was never looking when their dirty antics were conducted. The Titans found themselves locked in a nasty dogfight for legitimacy. Clark, a dominate force in the west region of the NWACC and truly a roadblock in Tacoma's climb to the top, seemed to have our Titans on their heels early on. Much of this was due to the frustration that ensued from a ref that seemed to downplay blatant fouls. Countless times our men found themselves victims to an overly aggressive act without any vindication from the officials. Nevertheless, our men challenged the visitors head on at every turn. Inspiring team defense and superb goalkeeping from our freshman keeper Stephen Mabry kept the oppositions attacks at bay. The frustration proved too much when the visitors seemed to have made a play at the man not the ball, causing Tacoma's Sean Foss to retaliate (photo), earning him a yellow card. An action that would not have transpired had the ref made the call a bit sooner. All together, five yellow cards were handed out in the contest.

The second half proved to be more of the same. The enemy finally found a chink in our armor when the Penguins got score off a free kick at the 65th minute. The visitors' score seemed to let the air out of our sails for much of the second half. The field felt like a vacuum had sucked the life out of our team. The Titan men wrestled with this lull and never backed down. Tacoma just kept on pushing and proved that heart and perseverance conquers all. As the clock wound down, the Titans energy rose up. I'm not sure if any more seconds could have been squeezed out of that game clock, but Titans midfielder Sean Foss, off of a corner kick, passed the ball into Brandt Bruzas who headed it in, finding the net as time expired. The crowd went nuts, the players went nuts, the bench went nuts, the coaches went nuts, I went nuts. Simply put, it was an unbelievable finish to an epic gut checking battle. Just when the visitors thought they got out of town unscathed, our Titans stepped up and showed them. We are truly a force to be reckoned with.

The officials put another two minutes on the clock and once again, these heavyweights collided, but the time would expire in a tie ending on a split decision.

Photo: Titan's Sean Foss victim of a foul as Brandt Bruzas looks on. Photo by W. J. Miller

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