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Men's Soccer Dominates Southwest Oregon 7-0

Men's Soccer Dominates Southwest Oregon 7-0  imagePosted: 9/26/2010 9:57:00 PM

Story by the TCC Challenge: Sat down, shut out, sent home: Titan soccer sends visitors packing

For all of you math buffs out there, here is your story problem. What do you get when you take 12 shots, 7 assists equaling 7 goals, and mix them with zero points allowed? Answer: A ratio of total Titan domination.

The visiting Lakers were overmatched, overpowered, and simply outplayed Saturday. It was a statistical smorgasbord for our Titan men in a contest that felt much like a scrimmage game.

Thirteen minutes into the game, freshman forward Kieran Yon scored off an assist from Matthew Parish. Twelve minutes later, sophomore midfielder Sean Foss scored off of another assist from Parish. Eleven minutes after that, the Titan's got freshman forward Stephen Harris involved as he got a score off an assist from Foss. The visitors never really even challenged our net, but goalkeeper Chris Hicks did manage to finish his 45 minutes with three saves.

Entering into the second period, the scoring frenzy didn't take long to resume. Five minutes into the second half, the Titans recovered from a broken up corner kick play and freshman defender Gaelan Hartliep scored from a pass by Foss. Then at the 63rd minute, Titans defender Mario Cervantes got a score from Parish's third assist of the game. Harris scored his second goal in the 85th minute off an assist from freshman midfielder Brandt Bruzas. The Titans weren't done just yet. Three minutes later, Tacoma's freshman midfielder Alex Vaver got a piece of the action, scoring from an assist by sophomore midfielder Atheel Alkhayyat.

Despite the bombardment of goals that the Titans rained in, the Lakers managed to step up their efforts in the second period. One of the highlights of the second half was the sensational efforts of Tacoma's freshman goalkeeper Stephen Mabry. He was an impenetrable wall, collecting everything kicked his way. He finished his 45 minutes with an incredible 8 saves. With goalkeeping like that, it's no wonder the Lakers were shutout. Welcome to Titan soccer, SW Oregon. We hope you enjoyed your stay, please come visit us again soon.

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