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Titan Men's Soccer defeats Pierce

Titan Men's Soccer defeats Pierce imagePosted: 9/20/2010 8:44:00 AM

The Pierce College Raiders weren't expecting the physicality that the Titans demonstrated in Saturday's contest. There was so much nudging, heading, tackling and collisions in the first period that the visiting Raiders seemed stunned early on.

They did, however, manage to catch the Titans off guard and sneak in an unexpected goal off of a head shot by an unguarded Pierce player. This only seemed to fuel the Titans fire. After that goal, it was all Titans, all day.

At the thirty-three minute mark, the Titans showed their might on a corner kick play. Tacoma's sophomore Sean Foss kicked it to freshman Garrett Devore, who was able to punch in the tying goal. A mere six minutes later, Titan's freshman Scott Hanson managed to head-butt one in complements of an assist from Matthew Parish. Tacoma's goalkeeper Christopher Hicks had a nice save, denying Peirce College towards the final minutes of the half. The Titans defended off a couple of corner kicks to end the period.

The second period felt like a game of cat and mouse, as the Titans seemed to be toying with the visiting Raiders. Fourteen minutes into the second period, Scott Hanson bounced one off of the top crossbar, barley missing another goal. The Titans showed more offense than defense in the second period as the ball was mostly on the visitor's side of the field. The visitors allowed their frustrations to show when Pierce's Femi Akinniyi earned a Red Card for an unnecessary action at the seventy-two minute mark earning him a ticket to the bench for the rest of the game.

The final minutes were filled with the Titan players booming kicks down the field and out of bounds. Peirce was forced to rush to retrieve the ball to place it back into play, while the Titans were stalling and taking their time to wind the clock down. The Titan men looked very physical and impressive in this contest, securing a 4-1 start to their promising season.

Next up for our men is a home game against the Southwest Oregon Lakers next Saturday, September 25th at 2:00pm. Keep the streak alive "Big Blue", let's get out there and make them remember the Titans.

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