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GED Final Test

Most employers and colleges, including TCC, accept GED certificates as equivalent to a high school diploma. Opportunity is within reach!

GED testing at Tacoma Community College is available through the Certification & Testing Center in Bldg. 6. Call 1.877.392.6433 or click here to schedule your test. The option of taking all 4 assessments in one day is available at this center, however taking all four GED assessments in one day is eight (8) straight hours of testing with only 10 minute breaks between each assessment. Breaking the four assessments up on different days is recommended for those who would be uncomfortable sitting for eight straight hours.

All reservations must be made 24 hours in advance for GED testing. Click HERE


  • The fee for all four assessments is $120. Individually $30.
  • This fee is non-refundable once you have gone through the registration process unless you provide 24-hours advance notice for refunds or appointment rescheduling. 
  • Retests, if necessary, cost $10 for each assessment.
  • All fees are paid online at

What to bring:

  • Bring your WA State photo I.D. to each test. If you possess an out of state ID or Driver's License you MUST provide proof of residency by providing a piece of mail with your name and address, voter registration card or vehicle registration for Washington State.
  • The calculator for the math test is embedded in the computer test screen. You may bring your own but it must be this model only: Texas Instrument 30XS.

    We have lockers for all personal items that are not permitted in the testing room.
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