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HIM Applied Baccalaureate Curriculum

HIM Bachelor of Applied Science Degree Requirements:

The HIM BAS degree requires completion of 180 credits (60 of these must be completed at the 300-400 level). Pre-requisite requirements (90 credits) + HIM Bachelor Degree Requirements (90 credits) = 180 credits .

Pre-requisite (Admission) Requirements:

  • Associate Degree in specified area (or 90 equivalent credits): See "Admission Information"
  • 5 credits English Composition
  • 5 credits Human Anatomy and Physiology

Bachelor of Applied Science Requirements:

General Education Requirements (additional 25 credits, which can be completed at the 100-200 level):

COMMUNICATION - (10 credits) In addition to the 5 credit English Composition pre-requisite course, you need:

  • 5 credits in English Composition OR
  • 5 credits in Communication

NATURAL SCIENCE - (10 credits) In addition to the 5 credit Anatomy and Physiology pre-requisite course, you need:

HUMANITIES - (10 credits) In addition to the 5 credit PHIL 401 course required as part of th HIM BAS program, you need:

SOCIAL SCIENCE - (10 credits) In addition to the 5 credit Psych 301 course required as part of the HIM BAS program, you need:


  • College level math statistics course

Core Bachelor Level Requirements:

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
LS 301Research Skills for Healthcare2
PSYC 301 (Social Science dist.)Fundamentals of Research for Healthcare5
HIM 310Data Governance5
HIM 320Healthcare Privacy, Confidentiality, and Security3
HIM 330Revenue Cycle Management5
HIM 340Data Quality Management and Performance Improvement5
HIM 350Systems Analysis and Design5
PHIL 401 (Humanities dist.)Biomedical Ethics5
HIM 410Healthcare Compliance5
HIM 420Human Resource Management and Leadership5
HIM 430Data Analytics5
HIM 440Organizational Management in Healthcare5
HIM 450Professional Practice Experience3
HIM 455Capstone2
Total 300-400 Level HIM BAS Core Requirement Credits60
General Education Requirements25
Pre-requisite General Education Requirements10
Total Credits95

Associate Degree Requirements 90 credits + Bachelor Degree Requirements 90 credits = Total 180 credits

Course Offerings

Students can enter the program Fall or Winter depending on space availability (no summer courses offered). 300-400 level courses can be taken in any order - however all 300 level courses must be complete before beginning any 400 level courses. Courses are not offered every quarter. Check with the department for current course offerings.

See sample schedules here: http://www.tacomacc.edu/userfiles/servers/server_6/file/him/BAS/SampleScheduleof300400.pdf

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