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World Languages


Communicate effectively across languages and cultures.

The World Languages program at TCC invites you to explore the cultures of Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, German, and Spanish speaking countries of the world and to learn their languages. TCC’s World Languages courses provide you an understanding of these cultures' historical and contemporary significance, and facilitate development of proficiency in their languages.

Whether you choose to major in a world language at a 4-year institution or pursue any other professional or academic pathway, acquiring communication skills in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, German, or Spanish can make a tremendous difference in your professional career. 

Language skills and cultural sensitivity are considered vital assets all across the professional spectrum as the need for multilingual skill sets and global experience is becoming ever more relevant in today’s society. This reality is also reflected in that most bachelor and master programs across the nation require world language study as part of their degrees.

If your educational goal includes a bachelor degree, you will likely need to meet a foreign language requirement either for admission (i.e. can’t transfer without it) to your transfer school of choice, or for graduation (i.e. can’t graduate without it) with a bachelor’s degree.  If your educational goal includes a master degree, additional language study tends to be required.

Graduates with a competitive edge

Globally, nationwide, statewide, and locally, the ability to communicate in more than one language is providing college graduates an increasingly stronger competitive edge in the job market. With more than 1/5 of the US population speaking languages other than English and millions of tourists visiting the country each year, there is a huge demand for workers who can communicate in more than one language in all areas of employment. As interdependence comes to dominate our economic, social, and cultural relations in the world today, the need for multilingual communication skills and comprehension of world cultures becomes more and more critical. The decision to become multilingual opens your door to an infinite array of possibilities.

For example, you may want to major in a particular foreign language and become certified to teach. This would enable you to take a job either teaching that foreign language, teaching English as a foreign language, or teaching in a bilingual setting. Combining languages with the study of business can help prepare the student for jobs in foreign commerce, including banking, marketing, import-export, purchasing, finance, advertising, consulting, etc. Combining language with law studies could lead to a career in international law.

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