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Pursue your interest in art, music, philosophy, literature, cultures and languages at TCC and turn your passion for the humanities into a college degree. The study of the humanities achieves an important goal of a liberal arts education as it provides us greater knowledge of where we came from, more understanding of our current world and insight into our future. As a humanities major, you’ll gain the ability to reason critically, communicate effectively, and make connections across broad fields of knowledge.

Begin with your Associate in Arts degree at Tacoma Community College.  TCC offers the Associate in Arts (AA) (PDF) degree with a Humanities track.  The Associate in Arts degree is a Direct Transfer Agreement/Major Related Program (DTA/MRP) and prepares students to transition successfully into a related Bachelor’s degree program at Washington State 4-year universities. Explore local and global humanities through the study of art, theater, dance, literature, cinema and motion pictures, and music.  Consider what makes us human, study the Human experience, and sharpen your view of the world and your future in it.

Continue with successful transfer to a Bachelor program.  TCC’s Associate in Arts (AA) (PDF) degree with a Humanities track is designed to help you transition effectively from Tacoma Community College to a four year university of your choice.  Meet with our faculty advisors throughout your academic career at TCC and plan your educational journey toward successful transfer and a bachelor degree. See Academic Program Information for details.

Embark on a fascinating and rewarding career path. As the study of Humanities enable you to develop excellent communication skills, critical thinking, and a foundation in the understanding and complexities of the human experience, you will be well prepared to enter a diverse field of professional careers.  Professions often considered by Humanities majors include teacher, advertising sales agent, technical writer, artist, counselor, public relations manager, lawyer, museum curator, journalist, editor, foreign correspondent, human resource specialist, linguist, and others.  See http://study.com/articles/25_Great_Jobs_for_Humanities_Majors.html for more guidance.



Associate in Arts Degree (Option A) (PDF) Complete your first two years of college at Tacoma Community College, and you’re guaranteed the right to transfer as a junior to a Bachelor’s program at a Washington state university.


Guided / Recommended Pathways

·         Fulltime (under construction)

·         Part time (under construction)


Contact and Advisor Information

Humanities Program Chair: Allen Braden

Humanities Faculty Advisor Team: Allen Braden, Mary Chen-Johnson, Linda Ford, and Dr. Richard Wakefield



Academic Program: Academic Program, Degree Planning and Advising, Curriculum, Bachelor Degree and Transfer Options

Academic Resources: Academic Program Faculty, Faculty and Advisor Contact Information, Community Engagement, Scholarships



Need further information?  Please do not hesitate to contact us:


Tacoma Community College

Building F-2

*     Humanities Program Co-Chair: Allen Braden

*     Humanities Faculty Advisor Team: Allen BradenMary Chen-JohnsonLinda FordDr. Richard Wakefield

*     Dean for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences: Dr. Yvonne Unnold

*     Administrative Specialist: Denise Levine

*     Faculty Support: Deborah Lewis



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