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Honors Distinction Pathway


Welcome to TCC's Honors Distinction Pathway!

Students who want to experience a course pathway that challenges them to pursue global issues, entertain interdisciplinary concepts, and seek out greater challenge and connection within their education should apply to the Honors Distinction Pathway


Benefits of Honors

If you take the Honors Distinction Pathway, you will have

·         An education preparing you for independent research, providing you with a globally-focused curriculum and experiential opportunities, and integrating the concepts, skills, and knowledge from multiple subject areas.

·         Smaller, student-centered courses with greater instructor interactions—20 max! 

·         Honors-specific guidance and mentoring in addition to their regular advising. 

·         A consistently rigorous Distinction Pathway with a similarly motivated but diverse peer group that crosses disciplinary boundaries.  

·         Experiential opportunities to enhance their educational experience such as travel abroad, service learning, project-based learning, or research projects with faculty. 

·         Additional scholarship opportunities for Honors students through affiliated programs and future TCC scholarship potential. 

·         A chance to present your Honors projects at regional and national Honors colloquia.  

·         A greater chance for acceptance at competitive transfer institutions. 


About Honors Course Sections

2016-17 Honors sections

Winter 2017:

English 102 – Argument and Persuasion – Honors

#2959 11:30-12:20 Hybrid  with Professor Michael Huffman

Spring 2017:

English 103 – Writing About Literature – Honors (research base)

#1289 10:30-11:20 with Professor Richard Wakefield

Library Science 102 -- Research for Writing in the Disciplines – Honors (research base)

#5267 11:30-12:20 with Professor Melissa Adams

Political Science 101 – Introduction to Political Science – Honors (Distribution or elective)

#2709 8:30-9:20 with Professor Daniel Enbysk

Humanities 285 –The City – Honors (Distribution or elective)

#2473 10:30-11:20 with Professor Kristina Young

·         Students can take two Honors course sections before applying to the Honors Distinction Pathway.

·         Each section in the Honors course pathway will meet graduation requirements as a distribution or elective course.  Students may be able to combine pathways, depending on major.

·         Honors course sections give students the chance to “go deep” into the subject and explore the global and disciplinary connections and contexts of their subject while still meeting the regular course outcomes. 

·         Honors course sections are capped at 20, allowing students greater interaction with their instructors and peers, while also fostering more independence.

·         Taking an Honors section or two will allow students to “test drive” the Honors Distinction Pathway before


About the Honors Distinction Pathway

Honors Distinction Pathway will be a minimum of five courses/ 21 credits. 

Research Base Courses—1 course required/minimum of 2 credits for LS, 5 credits for others 

Research Base courses will introduce students to the concepts and resources of academic research and the use of resources that will be applied in future Honors courses.  Students may enter the program at the English 101, English 102/103, or after taking English 101-103 levels by taking an Honors Library Science Research course. An early grounding in research methods and resources is important to student success. Students may take any or all of the four research base courses, though only one is required

Distribution and elective courses—3 courses required/15 credits 

Distribution courses will be comprised of 100- and 200-level course sections designated as Honors.  These courses will fulfill the college distribution and general transfer requirements in Humanities/Arts, Social Science, and Science, (and can include other distribution areas such as Quantitative Reasoning, Written Communications, and Business

Capstone courses—1 course required/1-5 credits (variable, but must result in at least 21 credits for pathway completion) 

Capstone course(s) complete the student Honors Designation Pathway.  These courses will range from 1-5 credits, depending on the course or project.  Capstone courses will be experiential in nature and will range from portfolio projects and independent study through service learning, travel abroad, research projects, and thesis papers.  Capstone courses will require greater student direction and will be chosen in consultation with the major advisor and the Honors Coordinator. 


Graduation requirements

In order to graduate from the TCC Honors Distinction Pathway, students will need the following:  

A 3.2 overall GPA or higher and an average of 3.0 or higher in Honors sections. 


Total Honors credits needed—minimum of 21 credits, distributed as follows  

Research Core  Distribution  Capstone 
1 course/2-5 credits  3+ courses/15 credits  1+ course/1-5 credits 
Courses include  Courses include Course/curriculum options
English 101, 102, 103, Honors LS 

100 level distribution Honors section 

200 level distribution Honors section 

Honors portfolio    



Service learning  

Study Abroad  


Provide evidence of active Honors community participation. 

One or a combination of the capstone activities/products will fulfill this program learning requirement.  These may be credited separately or may form a portion of a course, and will be overseen by the students’ supervising program faculty and records sent to the Honors Coordinator/Director. 


How to apply

Applications will be accepted during Spring Quarter 2017

To apply, a student should: 

  1. Submit a letter of application--   Brief personal statement of purpose (2-3 Pages double-spaced, 12-point Arial/Times New Roman) describing his or her interest in the program, expected benefits from program, and academic goals   
  2. Assess at college level math (Math 96/140 or 100-level equivalent) and college-level English (Engl101)  
  3. Student choice of either option 1 or option 2 

Option 1: 

Letter of recommendation from a person who can support how the student would benefit from the Honors Distinction Pathway.  This letter might include direct observation of student curiosity, potential for independent inquiry, exceptional drive or progress, or other traits and experiences that show how an inquiry-based, interdisciplinary, and globally-focused pathway would support the student’s life and academic goals. 

Option 2: 

GPA  --3.5 minimum (documented)  

·         New students directly from HS must have 3.5 GPA from HS transcript 

·         New students returning to school or students currently attending TCC need a 3.5 GPA for last ten credits of distribution courses.   

·         Students receiving 3.5 or higher in a TCC Honors course will be considered eligible on the GPA standard.   


Contact information

Honors Distinction Pathway Coordinator—Kristina Young



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