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College Transfer Degree Options

college transferTCC offers Associate degrees to help you reach for your bachelor's degree and one Bachelor degree. Each Associate degree is directly transferable to most 4-year colleges and institutions in Washington state. When you complete your time here, you'll be able to enter a 4-year school as a junior, with a solid introductory base for your chosen field.

With many of these degrees, you'll also earn a specialization in your chosen field of study. Follow the links below to the TCC catalog to learn more!

Associate Degrees

Associate in Arts - Option A (PDF)
Most students at TCC earn this general transfer degree -- it's appropriate for a wide variety of major areas of study.

Associate in Arts - Option B (PDF)
For students whose selected 4-year transfer school have requirements that significantly differ from the Option A degree.

Associate in Biology (PDF)
For students who intend to transfer to biological science majors at baccalaureate institutions.

Associate in Business (PDF)

For students who intend to transfer to business schools at baccalaureate institutions.

Associate in Pre-Nursing (PDF)

For students who plan to transfer to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program (BSN) at a 4-year university.

Associate of Science (PDF)
For students who plan to transfer into specific science majors at 4-year colleges or universities. Students pursuing this degree are required to select a specialization field from the approved list and will be assigned a TCC advisor who understands the requirements of that specialization.

Associate of Science in Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering (PDF)

Associate of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering (PDF)

Associate of Science in Mechanical, Civil, Aeronautical, Industrical and Material Science Engineering (PDF)

Associate in General Studies (PDF)

Distinction Pathways

American Ethnic and Gender Studies Certificate (PDF)
TCC’s American Ethnic and Gender Studies (AEGS) certificate offers courses selected from a variety of disciplines, on topics related to gender and ethnicity in the United States.

Honors Distinction Pathway
Students who want to experience a course pathway that challenges them to pursue global issues, entertain interdisciplinary concepts, and seek out greater challenge and connection within their education should apply to the Honors Distinction Pathway.

Sustainability Distinction Pathway (PDF)
The Sustainability Distinction Pathway will provide students will college-level knowledge about sustainability through 20 credits of course work, without having to pursue a separate degree.

Bachelor Degree

Bachelor of Applied Science in Health Information Management (PDF)
TCC currently offers the Health Information Management program for students interested in a BAS degree.

Brandman University Partnership
You can earn a bachelor's degree in this or a related field here in your own community through a partnership between TCC and Brandman University.

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