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Certificate Advantages

  • College-level knowledge about American Ethnic and Gender studies: Offers TCC students the opportunity to pursue college-level concentration on women’s and men’s studies, African American, Native American, Latino (Chicano) American, Asian American, and European American histories, cultures, arts, political economies, etc. Students can build a concentration of knowledge about ethnic and gender studies without having to pursue a separate degree.
  • Promotion of responsible citizenship and the pursuit of social justice: The program challenges individuals to think critically about uncomfortable topics, such as their own positions within a society where racism, classism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination remain commonplace. Courses incorporate rigorous cultural analysis of the ways power, privilege, and oppression are created and perpetuated, and offer insights into how privilege and oppression have been experienced by different people.
  • Interdisciplinary knowledge: Provides a solid, interdisciplinary foundation for understanding cultural and ethnic diversity.
  • Contribution to better ethnic, race and gender relations: Offers individuals who work and/or live in a multicultural environment the knowledge and understanding on which to build better human relations.
  • Preparation for leadership roles: Offers individuals an opportunity to acquire leadership skills that are tailored for multicultural environments.
  • Compatibility with technical/professional and transfer degree programs: The American Ethnic and Gender Studies Certificate can be completed while doing full-time studies in another field. It is particularly recommended for students doing work (or individuals employed) in public administration, public health, social work, business, anthropology, women's studies, education, sociology, and philosophy.
  • Employability and career advancement: For individuals who are employed or expect to be employed in areas where knowledge of different ethnic experiences is a necessity or an advantage, the Certificate offers a way to acquire that knowledge while working or pursuing a college degree. 
  • An entry into an Associate degree: Credits earned during the completion of the Certificate may be applied toward an Associate degree. 
  • Enrichment for non-matriculated students: Individuals can earn the AEGS Certificate even if they are not seeking a degree at TCC.
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