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Program Costs

Tuition (2015-16)

Full-time programPart-time option
12 credits:
Resident: $1,201.88 per quarter
Non-Resident: $2,931.90 per quarter
6 credits:
Resident: $657.54 per quarter
Non-Resident: $1,689.54 per quarter
Resident Tuition:
6 quarters x $1,201.88 = $7,211.28
Generic Part-time Student Resident Tuition:
11 quarters x $657.54 = $7,232.94
(LPN) Resident Tuition:
4 quarters x $1,201.88 = $4,807.52
LPN Part-time Student Resident Tuition:
8 quarters x $657.54 = $5,260.32

Check with Enrollment Services for pricing for more or less than a full academic load (12 credits) and most current tuition costs.

Additional course fees, approximate:
Level 1 - $285

Level 2 - $252

Level 3 - $252

Level 4 - $252

Level 5 - $252

Level 6 - $252

ATI Fees: Approx $1410 spread evenly over the number of qtrs attending

Approximate Miscellaneous Costs

Background check and health record tracking$85
Course miscellaneous fees$250
Nursing course packets$30
TCC patch$3.80
Name tag$5
CPR card$20-$60
HIV-AIDS Workshop$55
Watch with second handVariable
Health InsuranceVariable
Testing Fees$350

Graduation and Registered Nurse Licensing Fees

WA State Licensing fee$92
NCLEX Exam$200
Graduation regalia (optional)$37
Passport photo$10
Nursing pin (optional)$70-$200

Note: Figures are estimates only and are subject to change.

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