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Q: What is the cost of the program?
The program is 94 credits and will take 8 quarters to complete. Visit Costs and Aid to learn about tuition and fees. The NCS program includes all texts and materials in the IT course content in Canvas, the TCC Learning Management System. Hence, there is no additional cost for materials for IT courses. You are recommended to have a Windows OS laptop and flash drives to help you succeed in this program.

Q: How do I enroll in the program?
First visit Getting Started/Enrollment Process to apply and register. You must complete this process first. Then go to Admission Process for details on advising, course selection, etc for the Networking and Cybersecurity program.

Q: When can I start the program? 
A: Students can start taking courses in the 2-year degree program any quarter. However, the start of the 2 year sequence begins in Fall and Winter quarters with IT 102 and IT 110.

Q: Are any of the classes conducted in the evening? 
A: The program is offered in afternoon and evening cohort classes. Most of the courses in the program does require participation in class; however, we do offer online courses in help desk, project management, network and date security online.

Q: Can I prepare for Microsoft (or other) certification through your coursework?
Although we do not specifically teach the various certification options in our credit programs, we do identify those topics that prepare you for specific certification tests. For example, the subject matter of our operating systems class (IT 110) and our microcomputer fundamentals class (IT 102) class largely follows that of the A+ exam. Our network administrator and network hardware support series of classes prepare you for the Microsoft, CISCO, and COMPTIA exams.

Q: Are your courses transferable to a 4-year degree program?
View our Transfer Options page.

Q: Do you have any type of job placement program?
Tacoma Community College maintains a job assistance center to help students obtain job listings. In addition as job announcements are made known to the IT program staff, these are advertised to students. The IT program maintains an internship program and will try to make internships available to all those students who desire to have one. The internship program is very effective for school-career transition, and in many cases leads to full-time employment.

Q: What level of salary should I expect after completing one of your degree or certificate programs?
All of our programs prepare students for entry-level jobs in the range of $40,000 to $50,000 a year to start. With on-the-job training, experience, and certification, students can increase their salaries significantly. To research jobs and careers for this area of study go to Jobs and Careers.

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