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Admission Process

Welcome to the Networking & Cyber Security program! You are about to begin a new and exciting career pathway.

Please watch this video to get an idea of the opportunity ahead of you. If you still have questions after watching the video, please email the Program Chair.

The Program Course List is used to guide you through the selection of courses each quarter. It is vital that you take the courses at the right time and in the right sequence. Your program advisor, one of the NCS program faculty, will help you select courses each quarter.

Courses are offered in afternoon or evening. Some of the program courses are offered online or Saturday. This is not a full online program, core courses hands on and offered in class.

To begin, make sure you performed the following steps:

  • Perform TCC Registration and Enrollment Process, see Getting Started. If you have questions about the enrollment process and completing the prerequisite courses, contact Advising in Bldg. 7 or by phone at 253.566.6091.
  • Email the Program Chair (shernandez@tacomacc.edu) your unofficial transcripts for review. If you have industry level certifications, email the documents to the Program Chair for review. Some certifications can be used to challenge courses in the program.
  • Visit Advising in Building 7 and request to be added to the Networking & Cyber Security Program. While at Advising ask to be assigned to the NCS Program Chair as your Advisor.
  • Enroll in classes:  Email your NCS faculty advisor a list of classes you propose to enroll in the next quarter before registration begins. Your NCS faculty advisor will approve the courses, offer recommendations, and provide entry codes if needed. Only NCS faculty can provide entry codes to IT courses.
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