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Medical Reimbursement Specialist Certificate

Medical Reimbursement Specialist Certificate

The Medical Reimbursement Specialist (MRS) program prepares students for employment as medical billers, patient account representatives, medical claims reviews, and a variety of other medical support positions.

Training includes the business and administrative requirements of health care. Graduates will acquire a general knowledge of the healthcare field with a focus on being able to understand coding for medical diagnoses and procedures (ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM, CPT, HCPCS) and to bill accurately, ethically and assertively to optimize provider reimbursement. This program will give the graduate the tools to be a valuable resource to the physician office, large group practices, ambulatory surgery centers, and insurance and managed care providers.

Program Requirements

The courses for this certificate program are offered in a full online format.

Computer Requirements
Students are required to have internet access with reliable computer hardware and software, and must be familiar with and comfortable using computers.

Those who need remedial computer training should take TCC’s CU 100 course (2 credits) prior to program entry. Students are required to use Microsoft Office programs, specifically Word and PowerPoint. Those who are uncomfortable with either of these applications should take CU 102 Word I (2 credits) and/or CU 104 PowerPoint (1 credit) prior to program entry. Students new to online learning may want to take OLL 101 (2 credits).

Internship Requirements
Professional Practice Experience internships (“Capstone” courses) for the program may require:

·        Criminal and federal fraud background checks

·        Health insurance

·        Immunizations

·        Vehicle insurance (where applicable)

·        40-80 hours of in-person, on-site clinical visitations

You can go full or part time. The following schedule is based on full time attendance. Classes must be taken in the order below – first quarter courses are offered in Fall and Spring.

General Core Requirement

Must be completed before beginning the Medical Reimbursement Specialist certificate core requirements and must be completed with a grade of “C” or better within two attempts.


ENGL& 101         English Composition I     5


Technical Core Requirements

  1st Q
HIT 105Medical TerminologyAcceptance into MBS program5
HIT 110HCDSAcceptance into MBS program5
CU 105Word/Excel 5
 2nd Q  
BUS 110Business MathMath 855
MO 110Medical OfficeCU 1055
HIT 141OP DX CodingHIT 105, HIT 1102
HIT 195Health LawHIT 105, HIT 1103
3rd Q
HIT 170CPTHIT 141, MO 1105
HIT 151BillingHIT 141, HIT 170 or concurrent5
HIT 185Billing ClinicalHIT 151 or concurrent3

Total credits = 48

Program costs and employment outlook provided by Gainful Employment initiative - Medical Reimbursement Specialist

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