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Admission Process

EMHS Virtual Information Session

EMT Basic Status:

Fall 2014: FULL
Waitlist: 10
Win 2015: FULL
Waitlist: 9
Spr 2015: FULL
Waitlist: 0
Sum 2015: 0 enrolled
Waitlist: 0


EMT Basic Admission Process

The EMT Basic course is offered every quarter on a first come, first served basis.

We consider the first 28 applicants, and always have a running waitlist.

The quarters fill up very quickly!

EMT Basic Program Packet


Paramedic Education Admission Process

Paramedic Education Program Packet

Beginning Jan. 1, 2015, the Paramedic Education application will be available online through your TCC portal. Applications will be accepted until the deadline of Apr. 1, 2015 at 5 p.m. Please see the Paramedic Education Program Online Admission Process

  • Apply to Tacoma Community College by completing TCC Admissions Application generates a TCC student ID.
  • Upload a photocopy of your high school diploma, high school transcripts or GED certificate (even if you have a college degree, this is a state requirement). DO NOT SEND THESE TO BLDG. 7 - TRANSCRIPT EVALUATOR.
  • Upload a photocopy of your current EMT-B card (State or National Registry)
  • Show placement in English 101 or greater and Math 90 or greater through official transcripts OR through placement testing.
  • Upload documentation of at least 1 YEAR of active EMT experience ON LETTERHEAD STATIONERY from the agency(s) where applicant works (or has worked) as an EMT. This should include total years as an EMT, as well as estimated total patient contacts.
  • Upload 2 to 3 recommendation letters from supervisors and other professionals, who are directly involved and familiar with your work as an Emergency Medical Technician. Up to 2 personal recommendations will also be considered.

Other required prerequisites – Must be completed before entering the program (but not before applying to the program)

  • HIM 130 Medical Terminology I
  • BIOL& 175 Human Biology with lab Or BIOL& 170 Human Biology non-lab
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