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Thorough, accurate accountants are a crucial element of any successful business or organization—"business as usual" is largely dependent on the services an accountant can provide, from audits and budget analysis to management accounting and tax preparation. You'll find employment in all business sectors, including public accounting firms, in government entities, private corporations, non-profit organizations, or even as a self-employed accountant with your own private practice.

TCC's Accounting Program prepares for employment in a wide variety of business accounting environments. The program’s structure is progressive, leading to 4 levels of achievement for increasing levels of job responsibility.

We'll give you the relevant skills and training to succeed in the role of accountant for businesses of all sizes. By the time you've completed your Associate of Applied Sciences in Accounting, you'll be able to:

  • Generate accurate financial statements and evaluate a company's financial standing
  • Prepare accounting documents using automated software
  • Analyze documentation to confirm financial claims and settle any discrepancies

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Program Description

This is a 2-year program that leads to an Associate Degree of Applied Sciences in Accounting. The program's structure is progressive, leading to 4 levels of achievement for increasing levels of job responsibility. Read more...

Degree & Certificate Options: Associate in Applied Science Degree

TCC offers three progressive certificates in the Accounting AAS program:

In addition we offer stand-alone certificates in:

Thinking of continuing your education at a 4-year college or university?
You can also earn an Associate in Arts and Sciences degree with a Specialization in Accounting.

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