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TCC Students Capture History

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013 – The results of a TCC public speaking class project are on display at the Gig Harbor Campus of Tacoma Community College.

Students conducted oral history interviews as an assignment for communications instructor Christie Fierro’s class. Some students interviewed military veterans, and some interviewed long-term college faculty. The interviews were videotaped or audiotaped, and will be preserved in the new college archive. The veteran interviews will also be nationally housed as part of the Veterans History Project collection at the Library of Congress.

“The Oral History Project assignment was designed to teach the students that public speaking is not limited to standing in front of large audience,” said Fierro. “Interviewing people to collect their story is a great way to practice communication and collect history, tradition and culture.”

Fierro’s students interviewed more than 40 people, and photographers captured images of the interview subjects. Some of the photos are on display at the Gig Harbor campus.

Fierro said the students enjoyed the experience, and many wrote about how exciting it was to hear the veterans’ stories. 

“Due to the preservation skills of the archivists, over time the potential audience could grow to thousands of viewers,” said Fierro.

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