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Mark Bieraugel Exhibit Opening at Gig Harbor Campus

Mark Bieraugel Exhibit Opening at Gig Harbor Campus photo
Image of "Nibbling on the Name" by Mark Bieraugel. Used by permission.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013 – Former TCC Librarian Mark Bieraugel’s chosen art form is embroidery, but his creations diverge wildly from the classic flower-patterned throw pillow. His work will be displayed at the Gig Harbor campus starting April 15, 2013, and a reception will be held at the Gig Harbor campus 5-7 p.m. April 23. Beiraugel, who currently lives out of state, plans to Skype in for the reception.

Depicting subjects ranging from cowboys to coelacanths, exploring subject matter ranging from quantum physics to pop music, Bieraugel’s work is so quirky that it fully merits the term “unique.” 

“My work is informed by science, desire and humor,” wrote Bieraugel in his artist’s statement. “Usually the pieces are about one of those three things, rarely about two, and nearly never about all three.”

Bieraugel also notes that stitching connects him to his Mother and Grandmother, who both did embroidery.

Of the pieces that will be displayed in the Gig Harbor show, Bieraugel says, “There is a theme, the idea of a how brief our life is, of how quickly things go away, how ephemeral it all is.”

Bieraugel launched his artistic career at TCC, winning the Holley Junker Textile award at the Gallery’s Juried Art Exhibit in 2011. His first solo show, “99 Coelacanths,” took place at Highline Community College. 

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