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"Art of a Flower" Show at Gig Harbor Campus

Tuesday, April 08, 2014 – Cheryl Feeney’s "Art of a Flower" photos will be on display at the Gig Harbor campus through June.

Read Feeney’s Artist Statement here: 

My mother and I were very close. After I moved away from Tennessee to the Pacific Northwest in 2004, our love for gardening helped fill the void the distance created. We sent bulbs and seeds to each other, and our daily phone conversations included reports on the progress of our plantings throughout the spring and summer. Mom was an artist, and the subjects in the snapshots I sent to her of my garden and the landscapes of the Northwest often found their way into her paintings.

Following the disappearance and tragic death of my mother in 2008, the artistic family genes emerged as I turned to my garden for comfort. Spending hours each day studying the gentle curves and variety of hues splashed throughout the garden, I soon picked up a camera and began recording the unique structure of blossoms as they unfolded, concentrating on single blooms.

I began to heal through the beauty found in the delicate forms and soothing fragrances of nature.

As I hike hillsides covered with wildflowers, stroll through fields of tulips, manicured gardens, or peek just outside my kitchen door, it is a single blossom and not the ‘big picture’ that captures my attention… the personality of that one flower in the bunch that sets it apart from the others. The splendor of a dinner-plate dahlia in full bloom. The complexity of a tiny columbine. The simplicity of a tulip. The elegance of a delicate rose. The graceful strength of a magnolia. Each one is different, and I never tire of looking.

It is important to note that my 'subjects' are not posed. The images are captured just as Mother Nature presents them. Look closely and you may see where a caterpillar has munched on a petal, or a spider’s lace-work reaching from leaf to leaf. The solid and/or dark backgrounds are achieved through careful observation of the natural settings and natural light.

My hope is that others find inspiration and peace in my images.

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