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The TCC Foundation offers dozens of scholarships each year in Art, Allied Health, Nursing, Humanities, Paralegal, and other General Scholarships. Scholarships for the 2017-2018 academic year are open from January 1 - March 31, 2017. To learn more, click here.

Thank You!

Tacoma Community College Foundation thanks the many individuals, corporations and organizations who have allowed thousands of students to receive an education. If you are interested in donating to a scholarship fund or starting one here at Tacoma Community College, please contact the Foundation office at 253.566.5003.

TCC Foundation 2015-2016 Scholarships

  • Allenmore Medical Foundation Scholarships
    -Allenmore Medical Foundation Scholarship for Imaging Technology
    -Robert B. Whitney, M.D. Imaging Technology Scholarship
    -Allenmore Medical Foundation Scholarship for Nursing
    -Robert M. Ferguson M.D. Nursing Scholarship
    -Allenmore Medical Foundation Scholarship for Respiratory Therapy

  • Andre Stout African American Student Scholarship
  • Baker Foundation Scholarship Endowment
    -Elbert Baker Endowed Scholarship
  • Barline & Stansfield Special Friends Endowed Scholarship
  • Ben B. Cheney Endowed Scholarship
  • Charles Bingham Endowed Scholarship
  • Connelly Law Office Scholarship for Justice
  • Dave Edwards & Pat Shuman Scholarship
  • David Lassoie Memorial Endowed Art Scholarship
  • Dr. John R. Schaeffer Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Drs. Les & Estelle Reid Scholarship
    -Drs. Les & Estelle Reid Endowed Scholarship
    -Drs. Les & Estelle Reid Annual Scholarship
  • Dr. Marie Markham Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Edgar McNeal Endowed Scholarship for Science and Engineering
  • Ellen Pinto Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Eloise C. Harned Nursing Scholarship
  • Eugene Reed Radiology Scholarship
  • F.A.M.E. Scholarship for Former Foster Youth 1st Year
  • First Generation Scholarships - 1st and 2nd Year
  • Franciscan Health System Foundation
  • Franke Tobey Jones Geriatric Nursing Scholarship
  • Frank Russell Endowed Scholarship
  • Gottfried & Mary Fuchs Foundation Scholarship
  • HC "Joe" Harned - 1st and 2nd Year
  • Herman & "Babe" Lehrer Endowed Scholarship
  • Hites Foundation UW-Tacoma - 1st Year and 2nd Year
  • James Harrison Young Memorial Scholarship for Veterans
  • Janet Olejar Paralegal Scholarship
  • Jim & Carol Milgard Endowed Scholarship
  • John H. Harned Memorial Scholarship
  • Jones Foundation Scholarships
    -Floyd & Delores Jones Foundation Endowed Scholarship
    -Jones Foundation Endowed Scholarship
  • KeyBank Endowed Scholarship
  • Kim Bujacich-Howe Memorial Radiology Scholarship
  • Korean Endowed Scholarship
  • Loraine Boedecker Endowed Scholarships For Women
  • Margaret Oldfield Endowed Scholarships
    -Margaret Oldfield Scholarship
    -Margaret Oldfield Legal Assistant Endowed Scholarship
    -Margaret Oldfield Women's Academic Achievement Endowed Scholarship
  • Marlene Bosanko and Charles F. Cline Endowed Scholarship
  • Max & Margi Harned Elementary Education Scholarship
  • McCarthy Humanities Endowed Scholarship
  • Mike Smith Memorial Paramedic Scholarship
  • Patricia A. (Switter) McCormack Memorial Nursing Scholarship
  • Peter Bozzer Endowed Scholarship
  • Philiip Foundation Endowed Scholarship
  • Primo Grill Endowed Art Scholarship
  • Puyallup Tribe of Indians Scholarship
  • Ruth Murphy Evans Scholarship for Nursing
  • Seinfeld Family Endowed Scholarships
    -Dennis Seinfeld Endowed Scholarship
    -Seinfeld Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Simpson Engineering Endowed Scholarship for Math & Science
  • TCC Foundation Scholarships
    -TCC Foundation Scholarship
    -TCC Foundation Special Awards
  • Tacoma News Tribune Endowed Scholarship
  • Tapco Credit Union Scholarship
  • Thelma Woll & Monty B. Jones Endowed Scholarship
  • Tim R. Keely/TCC American Federation of Teachers Scholarship
  • Titus Will Families Foundation Scholarship
  • Toast of The Northwest Endowed Scholarship
  • Victor & Elise Lyon Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Weatherly Inn Nursing Scholarship
  • W. Howarth Meadowcroft Endowed Scholarship
  • William Jiro, John J. & Ruth Yoshiko Akamatsu Family-Emma Bonica Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • William & Norma Honeysett Endowed Scholarship

Financial Aid Scholarships

  • High School Tuition Waiver

First Generation Scholarship Donors

  • Agnes Romand and Emely Smith First Generation Endowment
  • Angelo and Maxine Giaudrone First Generation Endowment
  • C. Davis and Annette Weyerhaeuser First Generation Endowment  
  • Charles and Barbara Bingham First Generation Endowment
  • Daryl and the Diptones First Generation Endowment
  • Dr. Pamela Transue First Generation Endowment
  • Florence Kilworth Foundation First Generation Endowment
  • Forest Foundation First Generation Endowment
  • George and Wendy Weyerhaeuser First Generation Endowment
  • George Polenas Memorial First Generation Endowment 
  • Jack and Lilly Warnick First Generation Endowment   
  • John and Anne Aram First Generation Endowment
  • Karen and Dennis Seinfeld First Generation Endowment 
  • KeyBank First Generation Endowment
  • KeyBank Foundation
  • L.T. Murray Foundation First Generation Endowment 
  • Lee and Linda Lagerquist First Generation Endowment
  • Leslie Roy Phillips First Generation Endowment 
  • Lester and Sylvia Seinfeld First Generation Endowment
  • Mosich Family First Generation Endowment
  • Nellie Maccanon Memorial First Generation Endowment
  • Patricia Nelson First Generation Endowment 
  • Peach Family/Monte Morrison Memorial First Generation Endowment
  • Phyllis and Carleton Opgaard First Generation Endowment
  • Richard Campbell Loomis First Generation Endowment
  • Simpson Tacoma Kraft First Generation Endowment
  • Terry Moore First Generation Endowment
  • The Gottfried & Mary Fuchs Foundation
  • Tim and Peggy Lunceford First Generation Endowment
  • Twardowski Family First Generation Endowment
  • William Kilworth Foundation First Generation Endowment


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