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MyTCC Portal

My TCC Portal

What is My TCC Portal?

Electronic student information is available thru the web in two places at TCC. In the last module you learned to register for your first classes thru e-Services. In this module you will learn about the second location for student information called MyTCC Portal. Your portal account can be activated:

The Day After You Register for Classes

Every student needs to set up a My TCC Portal account. This portal will be your TCC connection to information about your classes, tuition, financial aid and important college updates. You can quickly and easily activate your My TCC Portal account by clicking on MyTCC Portal


What can I do once my portal account is activated?

One of the first items to check is your student email account. Most TCC offices communicate with students by email so you will want to watch for updates frequently. Many faculty and advisors send email to students and student clubs and government rely on email as a primary communication tool about upcoming events on campus.

  • Check my student email

  • Pay tuition

  • Order books

  • Read about campus events and news


  • Find out my Registration Time for next quarter

  • Learn about my advisor's Advising Instructions

  • View my updated Degree Audit

  • See current grades and more...



If you have difficulty setting up your account go to the TCC Student Computer Commons located in Bldg 16 for assistance. Remember, you have to be registered (not just on a waitlist) in at least one course before your portal account can be activated. 

How to manage your WAIT LIST:

What to do if you do not get into the class:

Important WAIT LIST information:


How to Access your Student Email


Your TCC student email account will be a key source of communication between you and the College. Offices like Financial Aid will send you important information through email. Faculty rely on this communication tool. Learning to review your TCC email account frequently and to lear out informatiion which you do not need will be important to your success.


Find your Advisor Information


Each quarter you will need to look up your advisor information in the portal to see the most recent update to your advising instructions. Use this tutorial to learn who your advisor is, when your advisor is available and when is the earliest date and time that you can enroll. You need to make your advising appointment at least 3 weeks before your registration date because advisors become booked up quickly during the peak registration period.

How to Create Your Educational Plan


During your first quarter at TCC your advisor will encourage you to begin building your educational plan. Creating a 3-quarter or longer schedule of the classes you will take allows you to plan for prerequisite courses and courses that are offered in a sequence. This plan is yours to create and maintain. When you update your plan and click on Send to Advisor an email alert will go to your advisor. Then your advisor can provide feedback and answer your questions about planning the best path to your certificate or degree.

Degree Audit


The degree audit tool is an another important resource to building your plan. After you have completed your first quarter at TCC and a transcript has been created from your first quarter grades you can review your degree audit. The degree audit compares the classes you have completed at TCC, along with any credits you had officially evaluated from another college, to the courses required for your degree. It will tell you which requirements you have satisfied and which ones remain. Check to be sure that the degree matches the one you still intend to complete. If you change degree plans be sure to let your advisor know so that the degree audit is up to date. Remember, some classes can count under more than one area of the degree audit. Let your advisor know if the audit does not reflect they way you want a particular class to be counted.


Online Learning in the Canvas Classroom


TCC offers many courses in a full or hybird online format.If you enroll in a class with a section code of OL or HOL you will be completing at least a portion of your classwork in an online or "virtual" classroom. The first step is to lean how to find your online classroom in your portal. Most online classes offer a "week zero" to give students a chance to learn to navigate in the classroom and to resolve any technology challenges before the class begins. One of the most important things you can do to support your success in online classes is to open your classroom every day and keep up with the daily and weekly assignments. Students sometimes make the mistake of putting their online work aside in order to work on other classes, but it can be very difficult for them to catch up once they've fallen behind.

Using Library Resources


The TCC Library is a vital research tool for your coursework at TCC. Among the many resources in the TCC Library Catalog is a database of recent course syllabi that you can use to see what will be expected in different courses before you enroll. In addition to basic library services in Building 7 there is a Writing & Tutoring Center, a Reading Skills Center, a Language Center and a Computer Assisted Learning Center. All of these resources are open and free of charge to all students.

Online Tutoring Services



In addition to the Writing & Tutoring Center in Building 7 TCC, also offers online tutoring services for students who cannot come to campus or for students seeking help outside the usual campus hours of operation.

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