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Since 1962 Tacoma Community College has served the greater Tacoma and Pierce County community, bringing high quality college education into reach for thousands of individuals. TCC creates meaningful and relevant learning, inspires greater equity and celebrates success.


Offering an online orientation is just one way that TCC strives to help all learners, including those who chose to study online, find the resources they need to excel at TCC and achieve a first class education at an affordable price. This orientation will give you all the information you need to get started. Remember, TCC students are asked to take an active part in planning, developing, and completing their educational goals. Let us know if you have questions!


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Getting Started...

New Student Orientation is mandatory at TCC because we know it works. Students who learn to register, use the portal and navigate the campus systems are more successful in their first quarter and more likely to continue with their college education than those who do not participate in an orientation.

Is this your first time in college or has it been a long time since you last attended a college? If so, an in-person new student orientation (NSO) may be your best option. Follow the "NSO sign-up" link below to sign up for an in-person new student orientation (NSO) where you will meet with professional advisors and learn how to select and register for your courses. Transfer students or students who are returning TCC are not required to complete an orientation, but should arrange to have transcripts from other colleges they have attended evaluated.


Sign up for an in-person NSO

If you are an OnCampus Student you should sign up to attend a campus New Student Orientation. At this event you will meet with advisors in a group advising session, learn how to use the campus portal and register in classes. You will be introduced to the tools that will help you build an educational plan and you will learn about many campus resources that support student success.

Sign up for an online NSO

If you plan to take most or all of your classes online and it is not possible to attend a campus orientation you should continue through this online version of the New Student Orientation. It is important to complete the entire Online NSO. After you submit the Online NSO and earn at least 10 points on the NSO quizzes you will be assigned to an academic advisor. You will receive a welcome message from your advisor acknowledging completion of this required orientation step within 2 business days.

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Will You Need Financial Aid?

There are many resources to help pay for the cost of college. Ways to Pay will give you an overview of the options available to you as a student at TCC. If you anticipate needing state or federal financial assistance complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible. Check out the Financial Aid website for all the details. Check out the scholarship information as well!


Assessment / Placement Test

One of the first steps new students complete after applying to the College is to take an assessment test which is used to place students in appropriate English and math classes. To determine which track you are entering on and see if you are required to take the placement test please select the category that best fits below:

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I am a NEW STUDENT and this is my first time attending a college.

I am a RETURNING STUDENT and have attended TCC in the past.

I am a TRANSFER STUDENT and have attended another college.


Transcript Information



What Do My Scores Mean?

It is common for entering students to take some classes that are below the college level. Students may have been away from school for sometime and forgotten skills they have not been using lately. To address this challenge the Accuplacer test is used to see what level students are currently operating at in English, reading and math so that they can be placed in the most appropriate classes to support their success. If a student is placed in 2 or more courses below the college level they are also required to enroll in the Human Development (HD) 101 Student Success Seminar.


English & Math Developmental Flow Chart

Math Flow Chart

Quiz #1

Review of Assessment and Transcript information

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Academic Advising