Students are encouraged to review the official Tuition Rate information posted by Tacoma Community College at:

Financial Aid

Basic Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for financial aid at TCC you must:

If you are advised into Adult Basic Education classes, you will not be eligible to receive financial aid until you have successfully completed that coursework.

Financial Aid is not available for High School Completion, GED, Running Start, Fresh Start or Continuing Education classes.

How to Apply

Applying for financial aid takes time!

Your application is not complete and you have not met the file completion date (deadline date) until all of the required information has been processed and received by the financial aid office (see below) and all discrepancies have been resolved or corrected.

You have not completed the financial aid application process at TCC until:

If you miss the file completion date for the quarter you want to start school, you can still attend, but you should be prepared to pay for your own tuition and books, as any financial aid you may be eligible to receive would most likely not be ready until sometime after the start of the quarter.

Students must apply for aid each year, not every quarter.

Classes fill quickly. Don't wait to register!


For more information, please refer to:



Scholarships and Financial Resources

Tuition Assistance for WorkFirst Students - Call the WorkFirst Office to see if you are eligible for funds at 253.565.9610

Opportunity Grant - Contact Opportunity Grant & Worker Retraining at 253.566.5188 or

Veteran's Benefits - Information for veterans is available by calling 253.566.5081

Financial Aid - The Financial Aid office is located in Bldg.18. The phone number to the front desk is 253.566.5080. There are many types of financial aid available to students, including scholarships such as the Pleneurethics Scholarship for eligible students.  

TCC Foundation Scholarships - The TCC Foundation offers a number of scholarships for eligible students as well as resources in looking for and applying to scholarships. Please refer to the following website for further details.




Please be sure to review these links to necessary information regarding the financial aspect of completing the Human Services program. Now that you have been given information on the profession and the program, click "Next" to find out how to get started. 


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