Computer Requirements

This program is taught predominantly in a traditional lecture and small groups class setting however you will be required to take CU 102 and HSP 126. There are also a number of general education courses offered in hybrid, and fully online format sp you will need to be comfortable and familiar with using a computer. If you feel you need some remedial training in computers, please check out the CU 100 course.



Also recommended


The college uses the online classroom software called Angel.

Here you will find a number of tutorials to help you through computer tasks (such as how to cut, copy, and paste) as well as specific Angel functions (such as how to use discussion boards).

Computer and Angel Tutorials:

What to do in case of a computer disaster

Have a backup plan!

24/7 Technical Support on the Internet at: or call 1.866.862.4987 to speak with a support representative



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