Welcome to this virtual information session for the Paralegal program here at Tacoma Community College. This information session is your first step in beginning the program.

To make sure you understand all the important steps in applying to the college and working in the Paralegal field, you must go through this document in its entirety. At the very end of some parts of the document, there will be a small quiz to make sure that you understand the items listed in that portion. Before you do any advising with the Paralegal faculty at TCC, we require you to complete this virtual information session.

How to use this document

This is a web-based document. As such, there is a lot of action going on here. You will notice at the top of the screen that you have some navigation options. If you click on the "Next" button, which can be found at the top and bottom of the document, it will take you to the next page.You will also see to the far left, an option to "print all." You are welcome to print as much of this information session that you need, but it is not necessary because it is available to you online at all times.

On the far left side of each page, when you hover over "Contents" it will show you the page numbers. If you click on any of the numbers, it will take you to that specific page. The left side bar also includes a box that has the title "On this Page." This is a listing of all material on the page. You can click on any of the headings to jump to that section.

You should NOT skip around and pick and choose the information you read; you should go through every page to be sure you are getting all of the required information. The option to navigate to a specific page allows you to go back and revisit a specific topic.

At the bottom of EACH PAGE you will have a short quiz. There are a total of 8 questions and you must answer all of them. At the end of each question click "Check Answers," and then go back to see the answers. At the end of this Information Session, if you have answered the quiz questions with 80% accuracy, you will be prompted to print out a "Certificate of Completion."  The certificate is your ticket into an advising session with the Paralegal program chair. To get an advising appointment, you must have your "Certificate of Completion" from this Information Session.

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